Low-Profile Hotel HVAC Cleaning.

As the only specialist in hotel PTAC, VTAC, and AC cleaning in the Upper Midwest, we are exceptional. We deliver a fully mobile cleaning process to each guest room, which allows for your annual HVAC cleaning to be performed out of sight and with minimal impact to your guests.

As our past customers know, we’ve developed an exceptional process which allows your staff to operate your hotel without worrying about our team. We’ve got our business down to a science, and we excel at working with your staff and guests to ensure that your image is protected throughout our stay.

All across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota, hoteliers are choosing our small business to deliver a great guest experience – because time and time again, we’ve proven our ability to execute flawlessly. We welcome you to experience what hotel PTAC, VTAC, and AC cleaning are supposed to be like – and to help us to continue to change the landscape of our industry.


Contact Information:   Twin Cities: (651) 262-4550  |  Madison: (608) 327-5509  |  Des Moines: We serve Iowa!       

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